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"I met Desmond in 2014. Since working with him, I have started a great career in cyber security and engineering. His professional insights are invaluable and his services have gained me many interviews for various positions in my field. Thank you!"

Vallery S. - Electrical Engineer

"I met Desmond in high school and was able to keep touch over the years. In my recent job search, his insight was invaluable and put me in a great position to achieve the position that I was seeking. With his help, I was able to gain employment with my first choice! I highly recommend his services. He is professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. He really listened to me about what I was looking for. He will not disappoint!"

Marshall S. - QA Specialist

“I met Desmond in 2017.  Since working with him, I have graduated undergraduate, started my masters, received a promotion from my job, been consistent on my medicine & closed chapters of my past that were holding me back. I highly recommend his services. He honestly helped changed my life.”

Ivana F. - Graduate Student

"During the beginning of my undergraduate career I was not as polished and knowledgeable as a young man in college should be. Desmond Hazel took my under his wing during my sophomore year and played a major role in molding me into the man I am today. He helped me improve my resume and showed me how to use code switch when speaking. Due to these skills I have been able to grow and succeed in my professional career."

Alvin F. - Educator

“I first became familiar with Desmond as a colleague. We worked as Peer Mentors for a summer freshmen orientation program. Desmond, an experienced mentor helped me hone my skills. We quickly became friends. Desmond was a year ahead of me so I got to see how he navigated through higher education, professional development, and later homeownership. Desmond was someone I considered to come from similar circumstances as myself. When he accomplished something it let me know that not only was it possible, but I also have someone who I can utilize to guide me through it. That is Desmond in a nutshell. Someone to emulate. Someone who only looks down on people to offer them a helping hand up. I’m not writing this testimony to stroke his ego. I’m writing this testimony because I own my own house, I own my own businesses, and I saw Desmond do it first. Thanks for paving the way.”

Zev Sequean Mahnke, MSW

Educator, Social Worker, Mental Health Advocate

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