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Good to Great

The art of consistency is often the hardest thing to master in life. Some are raised by it. Some are thrown into it. Some never even realize what it is. As a millennial, which means the generations before us do not believe we are consistent before uttering a word.

If you are consistent… disciplined… GOOD JOB. If not, then you have a long way to go before you can sustain success. It is a journey to get where we want to go.

Reflect on your journey. Appreciate how far you have come since as far back as you can remember. If you are reading this and recently got a new job, graduated with a new degree or bought your next car. It is mandatory to soak in the good vibes, but never forget the journey does not stop. Most people will never know all the obstacles you faced to obtain that goal. You’ll be able to distinguish who put in work vs who didn’t.

Having discipline matters. That requires clear priorities and a strategy to see it through and once you have that you will begin to appreciate others who possess it as well. No more excuses, lack of follow through or phantom commitments. A switch just flips. No amount of preparation can ensure that you are disciplined… it is an internal battle between how bad you want it and what you are willing to do for it. It can be tough transitioning into a life that demands different elements from you… it hits different. Different will make you uncomfortable. This lack of comfortability deserves the opportunity to grow and develop.

You have the power to shift from good to great. Why should you avoid that? It will set you apart from the majority and shape you into whatever you could possibly imagine. Mediocre grades do not quite translate into over-drafted accounts, overdue student loan payments or maxed out credit cards. The lack of discipline however can lead to that and the constant judgment from the outside world. Present day, no matter where you are in life… your teenage habits can have mirror effect on your future adult life.

It takes 21 days to break a habit, so what are you willing to change? Why are you so comfortable with where you are in life? You can’t avoid every L that will come your way but how will you respond to it? Will you break the habits that led you to where you didn’t want to be? Discipline can mean so much more for your life, your goals and your relationships. Discipline will allow you to focus on the strengths that you didn’t know were there. Just imagine if there were 21 days between you doing the bare minimum or you eradicating what has been holding you back for years.

What exactly do you want from your life? Do you have a plan? Do you hate your job? Struggling to finish your degree? Accept the pain that comes with growing. Good, bad or indifferent. Embrace it. It will break you down and build you to something stronger. Learn those hard lessons from your parents, teachers or partners. Let them hold you accountable to deliver reality checks. We may need to cash them. We all have flaws. How we improve them will make us great again. Put energy into yourself!

Going from good to GREAT will require you to stay sharp, move forward, level up and LISTEN! You were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. Center yourself as you continuously seek that knowledge. Are you ready to let yourself be GREAT? Just asking yourself that question will bring out so much in your daily routine to push you to your limits. Gather your energy and prepare for the future. Stop holding back and being scared. Chase your dreams and implement the discipline to take you further than you’ve ever been.

GOOD is the enemy of GREAT so you will eventually have to choose between them.

Time is not on your side.

Choose wisely.


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